We go far and near to satisfy our customers and the prospective ones. The state State-of-the-Art equipment we have in stock is as a result of our customers demands. Our main source of supplies is from Middle East, Asia, Europe and United States of America.

As a total office supplies and solution company, we stock a variety of office products ranging from Office Stationery to Office Equipments. Our stationery products for instance are supplied solely from the Asia and Middle East, specifically from China, Hong Kong and Dubai. When it comes to IT, Communicating and Networking Hardware products the source of supply cuts across Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. We stock equipments made in China for the American or European market and or made in China but assembled in America or Europe. Most of our printing consumables (Cartridges) are from the United Kingdom and Belgium. We deal with reputable firms like Farook International Stationery, Al fahidi Stationery Centre, Accent Office Supplies, Al Taheri Computers, Rising Technologies LLC, DND BLM Co. just to mention a few.

We at times have to depend on some local Authorized IT distributors like Hiperdist, Compudist and Technology Distributors for supplies to meet our orders. With Authorized distributors, we of cause enjoy the manufacturer’s rights among others like Reseller Prices, Warranties and Technical support.