HP K1500 Wired Keyboard

Product Description

The HP K1500 Wired Keyboard is an ideal replacement or upgrade for your computer system. It offers quiet key strokes and features a built-in number pad, plus three indicator lights. It also has a spill-resistant design and adjustable legs for convenience. This HP keyboard connects via USB and is plug and play, so no additional software is needed.


Three keyboard indicator lights glow green and illuminate your path to productivity. And the built-in number pad adds convenience. This full-size keyboard enables you to achieve more within less time.


The HP K1500 Keyboard comes with improved and updated features: adjustable legs, quiet key strokes, plug-and-play USB connection, and a spill-resistant design to protect your keyboard from runaway liquids.


One of the world’s leading PC manufacturers delivers products built with some of the strictest quality control guidelines.

Product details

  • Spill-resistant design: Protects your keyboard from runaway liquids
  • Built-in number pad: Quick calculations. Rapid data input.
  • Comfortable design: Adjustable legs provide flexible wrist positions
  • No software installation: USB connection enables plug-and-play simplicity
  • Full-size keyboard: Allows maximum productivity and precise accuracy
  • No distractions here: Quiet keys maintain peaceful work and play environments
  • Compatibility: Makes a great replacement or extension to your desktop, notebook or tablet


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